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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 18, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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step of the way so would it take videos and tbilisi what is going all out. so that yo offu can see what is going on. >> reporter: much of the after down more and more police officers have the shall wake up this what steve is dowdy are ever ready to go. swat team is now getting armed and ready to go with dogs on the scene. >> reporter: a man depressed
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barricaded himself and may have a guin . >> pam: developing at five: >> pam: a fireball on the streets of seattle. after a news helicopter tumbles from the roof of a t=v station. the pilot and a news photographer are dead. one other person is in critical condition. grant lodes is here to show us what happened >> pam: we have some amazing pictures to show you, but first, check out where it happened. here is the helipad, on the roof of komo tv and here is the space needle. >> reporter:at seven forty this morning, the helicopter was taking off. but plunged from the roof onto the
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street below. >>the helicopter was almost immediately pitched sideways and off-balance. and he kind of just nose dove over the trees and clipped the top of the trees and crashed on the other side of the street there." >>when i look up just literally come falling out the sky. twi seconds later it burst into flames. "basically fireball as soon as he hit the ground >>it landed between the red car and the gray tacoma truck >> reporter:. fuel running down the street >> reporter:i see a man running out of the car -- and his jacket is on flames. he's on fire. >>he was just frantic. he was waving his arms. he was screaming, like the screams just didn't -- it wasn't even like a help me. it was just like a really. it was scary >> reporter:the 38 year old man was taken to the hospital in critical condition with second and third degree burns.
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the pilot and news photographer were pronounced dead at the scene. the ntsb has just started its investigation, but there is no indication yet of why the helicopter suddenly plunged to the ground. the witness described that as the helicopter lifted off the building it began to rotate counter-clockwise and subsequently crashed. this afternoon seattle's mayor says he wants a review policy. currently, they are restricted to public service agencies, emergency medical care and news gathering. >> catherine: the search for the missing malaysian airliner continues. but today - a significant piece of information was released. authorities say someone inside the cockpit intentionally reprogrammed the plane's course. >> catherine: the theories on what happened include everything fire. to the jet losing air pressure. but at this point -- that's all they are -- theories. off >> catherine: here's a piece of significant information that's apparently being confirmed. for whatever reason.about 40 minutes into the flight.someone in the cockpit intentionally reprogrammed the route to head away from beijing.aiming instead towards the indian ocean. >> catherine: that keeps the focus of suspicion on the pilots.
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>>".these movements are consistent.deliberate action with someone on the plane." >> catherine: among the people not surprised.this malaysian pilot who has flown the jet in question. >> catherine: he says it was always clear that 'human interference' in the cockpit was at the heart of the mystery. another revelation. the public learned tuesday that thailand's military spotted a plane that might >> catherine: have been flight 370 - just minutes after the communications system was shut down. why didn't thailand's air force mention this sooner.? no one asked, they say. but it would suggest the plane continued flying west for at least 2-thousand miles. >> catherine: the search area now covers an area nearly twice the size of the united states. roughly 3-million square miles. >> catherine: a lot of people are wondering why no passengers made phone calls. while there might not have been a signal for cell phones. there were air phones in business class. again -- people are
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speculating. but some investigators say either the service was intentionally disabled.or that on that tranquil night.passengers simply didn't notice anything was wrong until it was somehow too late. >> pam: more bay area news. after a video emerged showing a train nearly hitting a man. cal-train officials are trying to get the word out about safety. kron-4's will tran was in redwood city. where he talked to officials about the dangers of dodging trains. >> reporter: it is the video every one is sulky about. it was tweet out to us via caltran at the busy three people they get across a little too close for comfort it was the last person who barely misses it this is the trade by half a said it and that person is the most talked-about. according to caltran those people were illegally crossing and the reason why you cacique arps doubt on every caltran 8 station.
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arms are down they went around the arms. >> #18 we can do is educate people about the rail safety issue. and though long term but we hope that with electrification and bauer as they should more we elevate to track that they are not at the state level. it is every what tossed responsibility to date the right choices with it are there a trade. when they're near a train.
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>> we want people to have their opportunity to ask questions at lar how to avoid that very same stake. learn how to avod that very same thing. >> pam: new at five tonight. for coming up at 5:15. we'll take you to the south bay. where the sharks made a dying fan's wish come true. >> pam: then. >> pam: new reasearch shows. where we live, could have some weighty affects on our bodies.
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>> pam: you think retailers would finally learn their lesson. why this pair of pants is causing serious backlash. myad h atrl orfib.on, he h theost coon kd...'s nocaus by art lve oble d, isaysour af putyou at 5 tes gaterri of stro. that's w i te mywaarinver. but loo lik mae wehoul ask yo docr abouprada. in alinil trl, prada®dabitran etilatmesy. ...wasrove peri to rfar at reducg th ri of roke and unke wfari wit regar bod tts or dtaryestrtion hey thks f llinmy dtor. su. pradaxa notor pple wi artifici. dot st takg praxa
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withoutalkg to yo docr. stoppi incases yo risof so. ask your dtor you ne to a before sgeryr a dica denl predur pradaxa n cae seous,sotimefata . don't ke pdaxaf yo ve aormableeng or havhad hear vae reaced seek immedia medal ce fo expeed sns obleeng, likenusu bruing. pradaxmay crea ur bedinrisk ifou'r75 oolde have a bedincondionortoma ulc, take aspir, nsds, orloodh. ...oif y hav kiey pblem especiallyf yotakeceain di. tell your doors outall dicie pradaxa si effts incle ingestn, stomh pa, upse or rnin ifou osomee you ve h afi not usedy a artvalvprobm... ...askour ctor abt recing thriskf stke withrada.
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>> reporter: a space between the lakes in this case the model is the question are plus size bottles. all shot was not used all the website. all navy course
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owned by cestuses go get so it's no wonder there's a side debt issue. and you might remember. target aplogzied after coming under fire for what critics called an agregious photoshop hack-job. aimed at making its ykinnier. and ad on the store's website showed a teenage model wearing a junior swimsuit. when you take a closer look. >> reporter:you can see a square-shaped area. photoshopped out. there were other parts removed too. a sliver of the models thigh. and a part of the models side on the top half. >> pam: still ahead. >> pam: the thousand year old treatment. doctors are looking into. to try and help certain breast cancer patients. >> pam: then. >> pam: tried to kill her children by driving them in the ocean. in court. and we have the video.
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>> pam: new at five, a life- long dream has become reality for a young heart patient from pleasant hill. kron four's rob fladeboe has the highlights from a day when the san jose sharks rolled out the red carpet for sam tageson and his make a wish dream come true. >> reporter:it began with a limo to the rink at sap center.and then 17-year-old sam tageson laced up his skates and joined the sharks for their morning skate.and no, he didn't get much sleep last night >> reporter:you wouldn't know it from watching him out there, but the pleasant hill senior has what is known as hypo plastic heart syndrome. to be a san jose shark for a day is a dream >> reporter:his family, the make a wish and shark's foundation helped come true on tuesday. >> he eats sleeves and does everything hockey. he
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eats.sleeps and does everything hockey! >> reporter:a roller hockey player since age four, sam is pretty good on skates too and put some nifty moves on shark's goalie alex stalock before finding himself on the benchafter practice, there was sharks general manager doug wilson with a one-day contract and a new jersey he'll wear when he skates through the sharks head >> reporter:before the next game. and when he graduates.sam says he'll be back looking for a job with the sharks. >> reporter:in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> reporter:pizza, french fries, milkshakes -- we all have our weaknesses. and "out of sight, out of
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mind," certainly applies to our ability to resist these indulgences because your proximity to a fast food chain is likely affecting your waist line. >> reporter:researchers found that continuous exposure to the bright lights of fast food restaurants are tempting us hit to our brakes and the impact on you is worse if you pass these places often. >> reporter:researchers at the university of cambridge found that people who were exposed to fast food restaurants on their way to, and from work -- had average body mass index of 1.21 points higher than those with the least exposure. >> reporter:they also ate 15 percent more food and were twice as likely to be obese. >> reporter:the research concluded that stopping at a fast food restaurant has less to do with taste and more to do with convenience. >> reporter:pam? >> pam: acupuncture has been practiced in china and other asian countries for thousands of years. research has shown the practice can reduce nausea
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and vomiting after chemotherapy and it can also relieve pain. for >> pam: now doctors are looking to see if it can help certain breast cancer patients. here's carl azuz with today's health minute. >> reporter:when titi ariyo was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, her doctors put her on a treatment that caused her to have some serious side effects. >>"i had joint pain, my knees and my ankles and my my entire body just hurt." >> reporter:so her physicians recommended she take part in a trial study that looked at acupuncture as a way to relieve some of her pain. she says it worked. >>"i was sleeping better and also the pain reduced." >> reporter:experts say more than 60 percent of women with early stage breast cancer suffer from hot flashes, joint and muscle pain and depression caused by their treatment. they thought if acupuncture could help these patients with some of their discomfort, it could eventually be used as therapy along with the medication. >>"first, i'm gonna clean
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this. so let me know when you feel it, okay?" >> reporter:what they found was both patients who were treated with acupuncture and sham acupuncture, which involves retractable needles, that are not placed in acupuncture pressure points, said they felt some relief. >>"our trial definitely shows there are minimum side effects, and this can potentially help them have significant symptom improvement, both in musculoskeletal symptoms and also hot flashes." >> reporter:dr. bao theorizes that the pricks from both real and sham acupuncture needles may stimulate the body which can relieve pain and sham or not, acupuncture may be a reasonable alternative to help these women. >> reporter:for today's health minute, i'm carl azuz >> jacqueline: low 70's temp/. closer to the coastline-a little cooler.
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overall a pretty nice day in the bay area. staying clear and mild for the next couple of days. 39 in napa, into the afternoon warmer than today. more temps in the ...later in the broadcast. >> catherine: the florida woman accused of trying to kill her three children by driving her van into the ocean.was in court today. it was a bond hearing.where ebony wilkerson didn't say
5:21 pm
a word. >> catherine: except to shake her head occasionally during testimony. she has resisted being hospitalized.but it became clear today that she's been sent to a psych ward twice, since being arrested. >> catherine: that was one of the public defenders.who wants the 30-year-old woman to be able to walk around and interact with other prisoners. >> catherine: meantime, this was the scene on march march 4th on daytona beach. the people who heard the children screaming for help said the mother did everything she could to fight them off -- and prevent their rescue. they say there's no question she was trying to kill them. >> catherine: wilkerson is 7 months pregnant. >> pam: next. >> pam: we'll meet a man who went to some great lengths. to get his lost pet back. then --- public relations stunt -- or a real
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solution?what g-m is doing to make >> pam: sure a recall like the one in effect now, never happens again. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> pam: grant is following this story. this young man has some dangerous plant some big ones. what investigators say this canadian border. for >> reporter:big plans.the feds say nicholas teausant intended to bomb the l-a subway. talked about joining islamic extremists in that he could "train fighters in syria how to shoot properly.".and he had visions of joining alqueda >> reporter:this is video of the 20-year old being interviewed recently about an unrelated topic at san joaquin delta college in stockton, where he is a student. >> reporter:he was taken into custody sunday night in
5:31 pm
washington as the bus he was on was about to cross into canada. teausant's mother says her son is a gentle young man. >> reporter:according to documents, teausant told an fbi informant in california last october about his plans to fly from canada to syria >> reporter:u-s military officials say he was about to be released from the national guard because he didn't meet educational requirements. >>a man who prosecutors say spoke of bombing the los angeles subway system and joining islamic extremists in syria is returning to northern california to face a terrorism-related charge after his arrest near the canadian border. nicholas teausant was taken off a northbound amtrak bus in washington state sunday night just short of the border. a criminal complaint filed in federal court in sacramento described him as a student at san joaquin delta community college in stockton and from acampo, near lodi. a california man was arrested on terror charges early monday near the canadian border. f-b-i agents zeroed in on him because of his postings on facebook. 20-year old suspected terrorist nicholas michael teausant answered politely, "yes ma'ame", when us district court judge mary alice theiler asked today if he'd agree to be transferred back to eastern california. that's where fbi agents say teausant, a mercer island native, was plotting to join al-qaeda in iraq. according to court documents, teausant, a soon-to-be- released member of the national guard, bragged on
5:32 pm
social media and to an fbi informant about his "desire to conduct violent jihand and to be a part of america's downfall." so fbi agents were watching as teausantd amtrak wer as teausa in seatt boarded d. bus c blaine, fg. hene, c of pr to he cou ri in t properl infor to sys or new year he fbi h plans oncerns about the mental stabilit yard shoo results o militar3 rampa that and others concerns but never to requir defense secretary chuck hagel says heáconcerne >> catherine: in a move defying the u.s. and the international community -- russia has now formally declared crimea an official part of its territory. >> catherine: and publicly at least -- russian leaders insist they don't care what the rest of the world thinks. index of >> catherine: ukraine's military says one of its servicemen has been killed and another injured. it happened after armed men stormed a base in crimea. and it happened just a few hours after putin boastedwas conducted without a single shot >> catherine: >> we already live with these limits of economic in our country.
5:33 pm
>> catherine: next week president obama will talk about the next that of russia at the g-7. he also suggested that the u.s. bases and troops and to a certain region for war games. >> catherine: and happened just a few hours after cuba and have been boasting did take over for crying area. >> pam: the head of general motors is laying out company-wide changes in the wake of a massive recall linked to at least 12 deaths. the automaker is facing congressional and even criminal probes. >> pam: in a video released monday, c-e-o mary barra says her company is now moving faster to fix potential problems. ed payne reports.
5:34 pm
>>"something went wrong with our process in this instance and terrible things happened. as a member of the gm family and as a mom with a family of my own, this really hits home for me." >> reporter:g-m c-e-o mary barra got personal in talking about her company's ignition switch defect-- >> reporter:an issue linked to at least 12 deadly crashes.that sparked the recall of one-point-six million vehicles. >> reporter:g-m has come under fire for not issuing the recall until last month, even though the company admits its engineers knew about the problem as early as 2004. >> reporter:barra's comments come on the same day that g- m announced another round of large-scale recalls. >> reporter:this time, the issue is with possibly faulty airbags and overheating brakes. >> reporter:the recalls involve another million and a half vehicles -- but the
5:35 pm
company says no injuries are linked to those potential problems. >> reporter: barra says the new recalls are proof g-m has learned from past mistakes: >>"we are re-doubling our pending problem reviews, bringing them forward and resolving them quickly. >>"we will take care of all these customers and continue to apply what we have learned." >> reporter:dealing with the fallout from the recalls has been a major early challenge for barra. >> reporter:who became the first woman to lead a major automaker when she took the reins at g-m in january. >> reporter:but for those who lost loved ones in crashes related to the recall--there's little comfort >>"i am overwhelmed by anger. if we had just known this information my daughter would still be here today." >> reporter:i'm ed payne, reporting.
5:36 pm
>> pam: san francisco police has pulled over 50 year old jeffrey milano. approaching of he tried to ram the officers with his car. as with the partner shot at the suspect. investigators are trying to confirm if he was hit by a fellow officer. >> pam: coming up at coming up at 545 with the mega million jackpot climbing to 400 million we will answer the burning question. what
5:37 pm
has better ought you money for a celebrity marriage lasted a lifetime and next. some vacationers good time is reduced. after a bit rich smell function at a downtown does the restaurant we have the video. after a marriage malfunction at a downtown restaraunt we have the video
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>> reporter:check out this video taken by a restaurant patron inater springing a leak, a fish tank spewed water toward guests at disney's t-rex café yesterday. employees of the dinosaur- themed restaurant were rushing people out of the way. one witness says about four waiters climbed into the tank and started scooping up the fish. >> reporter:the restaurant managed to stay open despite the massive spill. a disney spokeswoman said the leak was small. and that some of the fish were removed as a precaution. additionally. she said tables were relocated.
5:41 pm
there were no reports of injuries. and all of the fish were saved. >> reporter:t-rex is part of the downtown disney complex, which sits outside of the disney theme parks. the restaurant is owned by landry hospitality. which runs other restaurants such as bubba gump shrimp and the rainforest cafe. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: camera and as f o where it is pretty sunny today. we are looking at how warm it was today in how long it will be tomorrow. how warm it will be tomorrow
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>> catherine: we always like to point out that you're far more likelythan win the lottery. >> catherine: today, for example.president obama was handing out medals of honor. your odds of winning one of those are one in 11,000. that's compared to the odds of winning the mega millions jackpot -- which is one in 259 million. >> catherine: and your odds of winning an olympic medal.662-thousand to one. >> catherine: which almost sounds easy.compared to counting on that jackpot. >> catherine:
5:46 pm
>> jacqueline: temperatures and below 70's for the most part. 71 and concord. same thing in livermore. same thing in sunnyvale and san jose, 70 in fremont and 72 in redwood city. as we start the day off tipsters and the 40 am more meet up very quickly into the afternoon with the upper 60s by lunchtime and upper 60s los 70's bay area wide by 3:00 p.m.. the storm is all well off shore we may catch a little some of the high cloud coverage that you see here. other than that it is still going to be stunning
5:47 pm
and state mild. a little warmer and san francisco with 48 degrees there. and to the afternoon enjoying some mild temperatures. 764 cupertino and milpitas. 74 in livermore, 75 and san ramon 75 and one that creek. walnut creek. seven to 3 for union city.64 for ocean beach, 74 downtown san francisco. no. the bag 70 degree temperatures. mainly
5:48 pm
low seventies. 74 in napa. very similar weather warmer to mal slightly cooler in to thursday and friday. through the worst of the week to interstate the the 70 degree tips. >> jacqueline: >> reporter: wal-mart taqlid another frontier of used videotapes >> couple of other players in this area but it is a $2 billion industry and that is the focus. the businesses
5:49 pm
and from a financial perspective playing the old games is a much more affordable way to go out and allows you to save more money for retirement. >> reporter: nummi etchants saving for retirement which has been very hard for people >> survey that thousand people 60 percent has less than $1,000 saved. retirees are struggling with debt. 50 a. this is to have heavy debt they have too much debt. that is really the money much indeed to get to to have a healthy pick-up at 250,000. is about his after taxes so you need to save
5:50 pm
more before it is too late. >> reporter: the hague over industry is big business. >> the pills that you take to speed along the blowfish for takeover is about $785 million market. the overall cost after st. patrick's day to get us back is about 3 billion plus dollars. >> reporter: they kill ro >> reporter: >> reporter:thank yo , rob
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>> at that point i just lost that i had two tickets on my car and two of those were very questionable. i won those two tickets and friends of mine were asking how did i do it. they said to me what don't you turn it into an app. >> peopel think it ios the best! >> reporter: >> when you have that much that is when you have error and contradiction so i always tell people the parking regulation is far from black and white bay are actually on a gray area. you
5:56 pm
take a photograph of the ticket we read the citation decide did tell you what is your trip is to be the ticket. we brought you to see which one applies to you. and then be at what action to take a picture and we take care of the rest our purely to bolster the evidence at right, the contacts and mail on new york behalf. mail on your behalf. nothing to lose by using the ap/p. 25% of the
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cost. >> pam: looking at superman from his point of view what happens when you get the crime fighter his own camera. we have a lot more news coming up fast 6.
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5:59 pm
>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: lives in pacifica tonight.?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: the swat team remains in the house. you could see the swat team has rolled into this location. have done all geared up day last and came back to the bill. a neighbor tells us that she was a bad un from our home. because the depressed man was inside his home with a gun in his hand and that is why they wanted her to evacuate. barricaded and possibly have a weapon. they are in front of the house. there are dozens and
6:01 pm
dozens of people that live up in the hills but are not able to get back to their home and they are waiting patiently costa have no other choice. that is the latest >> pam: the fbi jong face were looking for a number of suspect our efforts is a very large operation.
6:02 pm
processing cows with cancer. party supplier. >> pam: >> pam: tonight as six. more products are being pulled from store shelves. because of links to a petaluma slaughterhouse that business is already under investigation for reportedly processing cows with cancer behind the backs of federal investigators. and specter
6:03 pm
spirit inspectors, >> pam: the company is called rancho feed incorporation and it is stopping operations as of last month after a series of recalls food safety workers found that meat from cows likely stricken with cancer want arrau federal inspections and one up into the food supply kron4 maureen kelly has new information about the latest company caught up in the corp recall. >> reporter: the affected product is calledkrave beef jerky a savory and spicy snack from a sonoma based company sold at big and
6:04 pm
small retailers nationwide and online. >> reporter: only the garlic and chili pepper flavors sold its three and one-quarter ounce about that are impacted and ms. being called an urgent food recall you have to look on the back of to see if you want to have in your cupboard needs to go back to the company to be destroyed the bar code number is 5500200306. none of their other flavors or products covered by the recall the coppices the beef that k for of the rest of the corporation slaughterhouse was purchased by a third party supplier. we were not allowed inside the krave plant.but this youtube video shows jerky being made. the company's chief operating officer says this is a very limited voluntary recall with little
6:05 pm
>> reporter:the affected beef went into only one day's production of the one flavor.which translates into less than 2-thousand pounds of jerky.and a thousand cases that went out to 33 customers in 14 states. >> reporter:10 of those customers are here in california. >> reporter:they are stressing that no one has reported getting sick from eating any of the meat being recalled by krave or any of the other the makers of hot pockets. caught up in the recall. the chief operating officer for krave says he suspects there won't be many more companies needing to call back products.since it's already more than a month since the usda announced the massive recall which still stands at nearly 9 million pounds of beef. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam: a dramatic scene as police moved in on a house in east oakland. it happened just before 2- this afternoon on the 2300- block of 90th avenue the f-b-i joined oakland police. serving a search warrant. investigators say, they were looking for a number of suspects in possession of drugs and illegal weapons ".we're interested in" >> pam: in addition to the arrests of 8-suspects. investigators say, they also confiscated illegal ammunition, 3-pounds of marijuana, additional narcotics, and a large amount of cash. breaking news out of pacifica. authorities remain on the scene outside a home in the pedro point neighborhood. activity has been going on in the area -- much of the a man accused of killing his
6:06 pm
wife is in custody tonight. after being on the run since last week. feng mi allegedly shot and killed his wife in their friday. and surrendered to police overnight. deputies have been called toon reports of domestic violence. mi had two registered guns under his name. one was found in the home. >> pam: in the south bay police are investigating san jose's 9th murder of the year. a man was found shot dead inside his home. on eppling in custody. police say the victim is a new at six. >> pam: authorities say they've >> pam: busted a major international child porn ring. secretary of the department >> pam: of homeland security says 14 men were arrested. in a >> pam: called 'operation round table.' one of the suspects -- aung gaw is from fremont -- authorities say the suspects ran a child pornography website. investigators have identified more than 250 victims in 39 states and foreign countries. all of them minors. tonight -- the suspects are all in federal custody. >> reporter:flames, death and destruction on the streets of seattle. a news helicopter taking off from the roof of a tv station suddenly plunges to the ground.
6:07 pm
>> reporter:a fireball of burning fuel engulfs cars and trucks. the pilot and photographer on board killed, and the driver of one car critically burned. >> reporter:and check out where it happened. here's the tv station and here is the seattle space needle. the helicopter came down >>i looked and the helicopter was almost immediately pitched sideways and off-balance. and he kind of just nose dove over the trees and clipped the top of the trees and crashed on the other side of the street there." >>" i see the helicopter wing right over it, right on top of the car." >>it was scary >> reporter:no word yet on what causedmeanwhile seattle's mayor says he wants a review of the city's helipad policy. >> pam: new tonight -- the raiders are responding to a lawsuit filed by a former raiderette >> pam: team owners have filed a court motion to settle the dispute by arbitration. lacy t filed a lawsuit late last year alleging that she wasn't propery compensated while cheering as a raiderette. >> pam: the motion would allow arbitration between the two sides in front of the nfl commissioner. meaning the case would not go to a jury trial and would be settle behind closed doors.
6:08 pm
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>> pam: apple is now selling a cheaper eight gigabyte i- phone 5-c in the u-k. the new model popped up on apple's u-k website today. it's about 67 dollars cheaper than the 16 gigabyte version, which sells for about 779 u-s dollars in the u-k. >> pam: as of now, the eight gigabyte version is not available on the u-s
6:11 pm
apple site. analysts say apple has been under pressure for the last six months to lower the price of the i-phone 5-c. >> pam: the 16 gigabyte iphone 5c sells for one hundred dollars with a two year contract. or for 549 dollars >> reporter:google thinks it's time for an internet- connected watch that performs similar tasks as a smartphone. but with fewer distractions and interruptions. >> reporter:the company released the android wear operating system today. which will run on an array of smartwatches scheduled to be released later this year. >> reporter:google says the android watches will respond to voice commands. such as "ok google" to play songs. send a text. or even make a restaurant reservation. >> reporter:the watch also features a virtual assistant called "google now" to learn users' routines and preferences. google is already trying to create more uses for the watches by making software available to computer programmers interested in
6:12 pm
making apps for the software. >> pam: coming up. catching some heat caught on camera -- popstar -- miley cyrus' tour bus on fire. >> pam: plus -- hitting the ice with the pros. a dream come true for a martinez teen. [doorbell rings]
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>> pam: the san jose sharks have rolled out the red carpeta young heart patient from pleasant hill. 17-year- old sam tageson is fulfilling a life-long dream by being a 'shark for a day.' tageson has a congenital condition called ' hypo plastic heart syndrome.' but it hasn't stopped him from playing goalie for a roller hockey team and there he was shooting the puck with his favorite sharks at the morning skate. >> pam: sam's day with the sharks, which includes lots of fun stuff at tonight's game, was made possible by the sharks and make-a-wish foundations. >> pam: he was all smiles after practice. >> pam:
6:16 pm
>> i think i could. (laughter) >> a ticket was better >> pam: sam says the high point of his day so far was when he put one past shark's net-minder alex stalock and then shooting the breeze with shark's captain joe thornton on the bench. later, he got a one-day contract from sharks g-m doug wilson and he'll skate through the giant shark's head before tonight's game. >> pam: president obama awarded the prestigious medal of honor to two dozen soldiers today. it was a rare ceremony meant to commemorate acts of bravery that the government concluded should have been stories... >>
6:17 pm
(cheers & applause) >> pam: it was a long overdue upgrade for some of the bravest men to ever wear an american military uniform. the white house says they were passed over for the top medal because of discrimination. the recipients span three wars, from world war ii to korea to vietnam. but only three were still alive for the president to drape the medals and ribbons around their necks. >> catherine: the search continues for the missing malaysian airliner. today - authorities confirmed that someone inside the cockpit intentionally reprogrammed the plane's route. they say that flight 370 was headed to beijing.and about 40 minutes into the flight. the computer system was programmed by somebody to divert course and turn around. the airliner then headed towards the indian ocean.
6:18 pm
>> catherine: the search area just keeps getting bigger. it now covers an area nearly twice the size of the united states. another revelation today -- the thai military may have seen flight 370 only minutes after its communications system was turned off -- but didn't mention it until today. if it 'was' the plane -- it suggests that flight 370 flew west for at least another 2-thousand miles. >> catherine: communication problems between agencies and lapses in technology. those are two findings in a new report on last year's shooting at l-a-x. >> jacqueline: tomorrow many as you head up the door chile in livermore 39 degrees and that the and the three in redwood city with
6:19 pm
35 in sunnyvale upper 70's for the south bay. 77 and los gatos. , and to fight for san jose. and 724 richmond 74 for posited the ripper livermore >> jacqueline: low 70's for the north bay. a little bit and norma tomorrow. they circled it to cool slightly. thanks are going to cool slightly.
6:20 pm
stories... the process starts here were food scraps are collected for local businesses as separate it. because 15 percent of global warming is putting organic into the land fill. the rolling stones have it was of a number of gases that are damaging to the environment for the next couple of years there will be or get expand at lanza field. canceled tomorrow's concert once all of that food waste test this divided and combined with wheels in greece to make
6:21 pm
gas. the of this a giant stomach used as a fuel to run generators that produce electricity in perth, australia -- >> sanitation agency using the field by profit per 50 percent rely on natural gas. the committee >> >> reporter: they hope that their efforts will serve as a model for other companies to follow suit in the future. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: we are learning about a shooting. here is the scene, abc seven news celebrant's well all that we know at this point is asian team has taken place in alameda county. we see deputies didn't amount talking about cruise on the way a shooting in san lorenzo us all we know at this point. >> pam: what is it like to >> pam: what is it like to fly high and this guy at fight time. superman fly high and this guy at safeway presents
6:23 pm
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>> reporter: it is a bird,
6:26 pm
it is a plane it is.... >>video >> reporter: critical right >> reporter:pretty cool, right! the team at el 8 based corridor digital, a small group of sci-fi action at video games and spiked internet the deal creek a terse has a lot of also video jam packed and stunning visual of facts and the most recent does not
6:27 pm
disappoint. the deal is creek a picked by using drones and cut a dashing superman looked alike spliced and at the beginning and end. watch the super hero starting to return the camera into its rightful owner finding time in between to fight some crime and save a life well. >> pam: + block told the bird is back in the bay area $400 million is up for grabs tonight. >> reporter: people behaving badly next coming out
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
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6:31 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: as a result the street has been closed for much of the afternoon swat team members went up to the house about an hour or coke for returning and then going back. at this point we cannot tell you if this then gulf is over or comments to an end. but there is any resolution? we do the that
6:32 pm
people cannot get to their homes in the hills. live in pacifica >> reporter: multiple or rest is made as the fbi and local police team up for illegal guns and weapons current. local police and fbi team up. eight suspects of worker arrested during the joint operation in oakland >> reporter: another couple has been caught up in the mass of meet recall. meat. beef jerky affecting 2,000
6:33 pm
lbs. of turkey so far no reports of anyone getting sick. >> reporter: monday night arawn i started receiving a call, would favor that to the home there was a male victim with a good shot wound. his name has not been released yet. they found marijuana in the home. they would never consider confirm or deny. she >> reporter: caltran says there's nothing else that could possibly do to make their station is safer. including one person that barely missed the train by
6:34 pm
one second. we have learned that those four people back on february 81 underneath the arm and then crossed the track. other than that it is all common sense. >> reporter: and nonprofit art gallery in the mission is being forced out of its home. just by the alto landlord is trip went the rent. tripling the rent. they will need to be out of this space by the summer.
6:35 pm
>> jacqueline: said the to what it concord, 72 for the redwood city and 71 for sunnyvale and san jose. chilly temperatures is spot where talky and leadbelly's with low forties. wednesday will be warmer than today with upper 70's. 70 in downtown san francisco. 74 for pleasanton and livermore. here is a look at the extended forecast tomorrow a little warmer and cooler. to buttress still hovering over the 70 degree mark.
6:36 pm
(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:this is a honda pilot parked at the navel memorial in san francisco, on the dashboard a gps and in the center console another gps >> reporter:i think that's ridiculous that's saying come and get me >> reporter:over at lands end look out yet another gps in the window in plain view in this car its had to see a brown leather bag >> reporter:across the street from the look out more cars with valuables in plain view and while it is your stuff and you can do what you want >> reporter:listen to this, all the area i just showd you have been targets for auto burglers but then again which places aren't >> reporter:whild you are over enjoying the breathtaking views the thieves taking advantage even on federal property >> reporter:oh i forgot to mention yes these locations are part of the us parks so they are patroled by the feds sometimes they look in vehicles to makes sure no one is planning any shananagins and often they find a
6:37 pm
for example in this car is the paperwork for the car rental. but in this car three men hot boxing >> reporter: boxing is we it's smoking weed whild inside you car and if you wondering medical marajuana cards are not reconized on federal property . 4 >> reporter:back the auto breakins; in one day 9 cars were broken into in this area they steal gps's, cd. dvds, purses oh heck any thing that is not tied down >> reporter:oh and the suv at the navel memorial i tracked down the owner listen to our conversion see your gps in the front window, yea but its an old gps would people tak an old gps >> reporter: yes they would and they do all day every day and for a car burgurler it only takes 6 seconds to steal your stuff yes you heard me 6 seconds >> reporter:if they would use that
6:38 pm
>> this isn't that what he is that ingunity and that talent to do something ligeniate get a job invent something instead of trying to do crime >> reporter:you are asking for too much in san francsisco stanley roberts kron 4 news return >> pam: the stakes are high. 400-million dollars up for grabs. in tonight's mega millions jackpot. it's the sixth largest lottery prize in u-s history. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
6:39 pm
female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift.
6:40 pm
my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
6:41 pm
>> reporter:if a person
6:42 pm
matches all six numbers -- the winner could take 224-million dollar in cash up front. if no one wins -- the jackpot will continue to friday's drawing. no one has come forward to claim the 425-million dollar lotto ticket. that was sold in milpitas. it was the only ticket that matched all six numbers. >> reporter:and -- you still have time buy tickets. the numbers will be drawn later tonight. >> reporter:some lucky spots around the bay area -- where winners have emerged. including -- dixon landing in milpitas -- where the winning ticket was sold last month. another good spot -- jenny's gift shop in the san jose. and of course -- kavanaugh liquors in san leandro. where several winning tickets were bought. >> pam: and this sunday night at 9pm. we'll preview the upcoming a's season in a kron four sports special hosted by gary radnich. everything you need to know about the two-time defending a.l. west champs heading into the upcoming season. it's all this coming sunday at 9pm following our
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. elsewhere. apps. >> gary:goodevening! >> gary: >> we are looking for to this. it would be a cap stone on a remarkable career i have had separat
6:47 pm
>> gary: he is really interesting. most guys by the tannenberg in their suit and tie especially at 68. he is an interesting guy. >> pam: yes he is. >> pam: the new york people hopefully solv. >> i can play hell i want to for an extended amount of time. how i want to for a certain time >> gary: raiders keep on
6:48 pm
signing players. donald pian started every game blast six years. solid player. sighting three off cents linemen. >> gary: everything going well and the football operation. arrested while driving a mock up more vehicle while under the influence. he checked them soft and two and rehab facility today. >> gary: everyone knows the
6:49 pm
commissioner roger dale works for these owners. >> gary: player say forget that there is not a lot of the spot i will run from the swarming bees they moved out of there. yankees won the game 8 to 1. >> gary: $25 for the largest corndog...18 inches stuffed with bacon, cheese and
6:50 pm
jalapenos. >> gary: county of jordan someone in montez with the amazing lucky goal. asked1-0 game!iend up in the net. >> gary:rich, rich man helping all of the bay area sports >> pam: wonderful >> gary:tom, what if you
6:51 pm
owned your own television station. >>you would be the promoter. >> pam: i am glad that he is helping already.
6:52 pm
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> the shocking suicide of longtime girlfriend of mick jagger. >> mick jagger speaks out after his girlfriend's suicide. the autopsy and inside reports the designer was $6 million in debt. >> i started thinking that, too. >> miley and the cyrus tour bus in flames. the smoky aftermath. >> this is the bus we were riding on. >> then, backstage at dancing with '90s tv stars on dating ben fever. >> i got dumped but he wanted to go out with danica. >> i liked jeremy. >> jeremy tried to use tongue once, and i didn't let him. >> kim fields debuts her new little boy as we go inside hollywood's baby fever. >> i carried on pumping through the whole entire thing. >> and my girl's day out with preggers drew barrymore talking hubbies, babies and keeping it real.
7:00 pm
delivered to you 24/7, it's the insider together with yahoo. >> hi. everyone, i'm thea andrews. kevin frazier is off today, but keltie knight is with me. >> hi, thea. let's get to a story we're following closely. the shocking suicide of l'wren scott. >> there are many questions about why she would take her own life. >> headlines glare about l'wren and what would have driven the design tore suicide. newspapers in britain wherel'wrd are reporting today that there may have been some financial troubleses. >> the autopsy report not out yet, but police hauling away tech equipment to look for clues. l'wren started her company in 2006 knowing the risks. >> i would much


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